I took a picture with my phone and I made it my background photo

A note on the mirror

Azahara Muñoz
Thursday, 13 October 2016 19:49
Azahara Muñoz. © LET | Tristan Jones
Azahara Muñoz. © LET | Tristan Jones

It’s the Thursday of the Open de España. I’m going to play in the morning session. Very early start. The first thing I do when I wake up is go toward the mirror. There’s a note. What was it? Rubbing the sand out of my eyes from having just woken up, I grab the note and I read it. I get excited.  I read it again. I get excited again. The Open de España starts for me in a few hours and it’s such a rush. If motivational methods came in premade packages, this would be one of them.

My sister Elena signed the note. She’s three years older than me. I’m sitting there reading it for the third time. I’m excited again for the third time. “I’m going to take this with me”. I took a picture with my phone and I made it my background photo. “Every time I’m going to play a round, before starting, I’m going to read it.” I made that pact with myself under my breath, still not very clear.

Suddenly, all the tension, stress and anxiety turned into relaxation. Peace. And it was reflected in the tournament. Nothing phased me. Not one bad bounce, nor a ringer, nor a bad shot...Nothing. Attitude and patience. Nor a bad bounce, nor a ringer, nor a bad shot are the end of the world...Have faith and continue forward.

“No matter what happens, tomorrow the sun will come out, we’ll all be together and it will be a great day.” The note on the mirror. The background picture on my phone. Thanks, sister.

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